Management reporting

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A situation snapshot- forwards and backwards

Is the snapshot clear, both forwards and backwards? Almost all information about your business can be found in data systems. The ability of operational control systems to provide information on, for example, margins, delivery reliability or procurement prices in an understandable form is usually far from what it should be. Eqvitia’s solutions provide structured information from enterprise resource planning systems, which elevates the management system metrics to a new level.

Management receive correct reports

The monitoring of accounts tell us about what has passed. A control system, metrics and reports built for the needs of financial management allow management of the future.

Let's elevate your reporting to a new level

At Eqvitia, we have more than 30 years of experience in planning, implementing and utilizing management reporting tools. We can assist in the production of management reporting tools that improve the management of finances and the development of profitability.

The four stages of the development of reporting tools


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