Interim Controller

Interim controller, CFO

Let's create a new culture of numerical management

A financial management expert can play an important role in a growth-oriented and developing company. At Eqvitia, we do not just see the Controller as a reporter of accounting figures. The Controller must be, above all, a business developer and a right-hand to the CEO. In addition to financial know-how, this requires an understanding of e.g. order-delivery processes, operational control systems and reporting tools.

An Eqvitia Controller can assist in development

Eqvitia’s Controller service is a solution for companies that wish to manage their finances and growth in a methodical manner. Our experienced Controller can provide their special expertise and external insight to assist management and develop financial management and performance metrics. As a partner, we can provide fresh ideas for the development of your financial management and financial administration. We wish to challenge your company to adopt a new kind of financial thinking!

The Controller is
a financial expert

The purpose of the Eqvitia Controller service is to bring a solid view of financial management and concrete and easily implemented operational models into everyday business life. The controller can take over entities or they can act as a complementary resource in your own team of financial experts. The Interim Controller can provide assistance in, for example, the following situations:

In support of management and development

Assistance in change situations

Quick and easy start-up

Eqvitia’s Interim Controller service can be put into operation quickly and is risk-free. With us, you don’t have to commit significant expenses to the project, as the development process can be started even with a smaller budget. We offer you the expertise of the entire Eqvitia Controller team and we have an experienced expert for every need. In our services, we creatively use the best systems on the market, even though “the good old Excel” is also a sufficient tool. The starting point for the service planning is always the customer’s own systems and the most straightforward and efficient operation.

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