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A new era of financial management

Does your company have a clear understanding of what your real financial situation is or which factors affect the profitability of your business? With Eqvitia, you can develop your management model and gain the insight and support of a financial professional towards setting the right goals and building dashboards.

We have strong experience in, among others, the challenges of the manufacturing industry. Extensive supplier networks, long order-delivery chains or large quantities of items can be difficult to manage and the necessary information is often poorly available. The same challenges can be seen in many other fields as well. – We can help.


Interim controller, CFO

Management reporting

The correct reports to support management

to a new level

Elevation to a new level through a development project

Do you dare to answer these
questions honestly?

If you answered yes to even one of these, then perhaps we should talk. Eqvitia Controllers deal with exactly these things – with expertise confirmed through experience.