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Effective payroll processes significantly save resources. An efficient payroll service that is tailored to the customer’s business needs makes everyday life easier in many ways. We can help to straighten out unnecessary processes, minimize errors and meet the requirements set by legislation.

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Payroll as Eqvitia's expert service

Payroll administration and payroll calculations are one of the core competencies of Eqvitia. You can outsource your payroll to us as part of the financial administration- as part of the whole or separately. Our expert payroll accountants can take care of everything deemed to be necessary: the entire payroll process, guides in legislative matters and special issues concerning payroll administration.

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A customized service package

We offer efficient and needs-customised payroll services for companies of all sizes. You will receive a comprehensive service from Eqvitia, which may include, among other things, salary calculations and payments, calculations of holiday pay, salary-related employment issues, travel invoices, official notifications and advice. We utilise modern electronic financial management programs, such as Mepco, Lemonsoft, Jydacom Palkat, Procountor Palkat and Visma L7.


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