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We can assist you in comprehensively reforming the financial management of your company.

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A new approach
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We can assist in making your financial management processes more efficient by offering payroll, ledger maintenance and bookkeeping in Jyväskylä in a reasonable and efficient way. With the assistance of our accounting firm, your company can then focus more efficiently on enhancing its core business competence.

We believe that profitable operations and controlled growth require financial management that is based on a new way of thinking. Instead of the focusing on the past, companies must look strongly towards the future and also build their entire financial management systems from that perspective.

Hymyileviä työntekijöitä tietokoneiden ääressä pöydänympärillä.


Data utilised with a smart management dashboard.

Kaksi naispuoleista kirjanpitäjää istumassa pöydän ääressä.

Financial administration

Customised to your own needs.

Kaksi työntekijää istumassa nojatuoleissa keskutelemassa.


Efficient payroll processes.

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“We value Eqvitia's development ideas concerning our financial operations”

Suvi Sell
CFO & Vice President, Supply Chain Management

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